Love is Scorned

by Crafting for Foes

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released February 16, 2013

A Moth House Recording by Adam Rees.
All songs written by Amanda McManus and Adam Rees 2013.
Adam Rees: vocals, guitars, banjo, bass, accordion, harmonica.
Amanda McManus: vocals, bass, percussion.
Rob Walters: drums.
Jayne Davey: recorder.
Kate Denny: viola, violin.
Dawn Sims: cover artwork -



all rights reserved


Crafting for Foes Southend On Sea, UK

Crafting for Foes is Adam Rees and Amanda Mcmanus who formed as a duo in 2010, and have since released 3 EPs Midwinter Love is Scorned and Borrowed Ground.

Borrowed Ground can be found on the Moth House Recording link

Their music has been described as having a 'slightly acid-tinged and very English sound that is reminiscent of underground 70's bands like Midwinter, Shide & Acorn and Dulcimer
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Track Name: Ghost Writers
The ghostwriters are taking my page, pulling the best lines apart
In spite of the heroes I made, they're tearing at my heart
Yeah, and all of my hiding, you say I went too far

Held up to invisible light, my secret's all undone
The ghostwriters are taking my page, and there's nowhere left to run
Yeah, all of my hiding, yeah all of my leaning, yeah I went too far

Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith
The kind that I could lean on?
It's only a look of love, it's only a page
to write what we all dream of
Track Name: Closer Than You Thought
You can kill two birds but you love your only stone
You can have two minds one is here and one is gone

They will take your time, you think you need it more than them
Or will they make you find your beginning at the end

Make it, turn the page

Your conscience is so cruel the things it makes you do
Make it big or make it small will you make it if you fall

Make it, turn the page

Remember who they are when you answer their call
Though it seems so far it was closer than you thought

Make it, turn the page
Track Name: Threads
From the outside looking in
Seems like I never made it home to you my friend
Well the road was long and the sun was in my eyes
But here I am

In the corner of your mind
You look for a place to pretend it's all alright
But don't turn around 'cause the night is closing in
And here I am again

Home, home you're almost out of sight

So where do we go, where can I stay
As the day turns into night turns into day
And where do we stand where can I fall
Keep walking until you hear me call

Home, home you're almost out of sight
Track Name: Sleep Alone
It's raining outside you got no place to hide
You're tired of being alone you lock the door and stay at home

Sometimes I often wonder if anything is right
Then I see your eyes then I feel your light

You wash away those lonely tears as if you think somebody hears
You keep a bible by your bed to keep the demons out your head

And in the morning you remember about your emptiness inside
Substitute your love for anger so no one takes you for a ride

Your innocence is burning like fire in the night
But your regret is like an ember you'll sleep alone tonight
Track Name: Fallow Year
It will come my dear in the fallow year
Waiting to keep, turning deep
Hoping in the birth, memories of the earth

Time and tide will meet together
Hold your breath draw near

If you meet me here in the fallow year
Stillness holds sway in dark decay
Till resting is done, we'll welcome the sun

Time and tide will meet together
Hold your breath draw near
Track Name: Love is Scorned
It's all new to me, I can't explain
Where this came from or who's to blame
You crashed in my head, fountain of lead
Flooded my heart, left me for dead

It's moved all the walls I had in my mind
As a safeguard from being robbed blind
A new season's come, I'm back to square one
Everything's changing, something's begun

It's all new to me, I can't explain
Where this came from or who's to blame

Your skin is warm, your love is scorned
Your bed's as cold as your heart